Friday, November 27, 2009

Life After Season AKA Baby Mode and Thanksgiving

Hello all!

As I briefly mentioned before, season is over. Ava is going to be here in 8 weeks and 4 days, OH MY! So.. there is a lot to be done in order for us to be ready for sweet girl!

I am still working during the days, etc, but am into full fledge nesting and baby mode! We are getting to excited and we can not wait to meet her!

Here are some things I have done lately to get ready or that are going to be done.....
  • Completely degutted and deep cleaned our entire little house
  • Need to take down all in second bedroom to have a nursery
  • Bought an antique chest that will serve as her changing table-- it is a precious and timeless piece-- I also bought little pink glass knobs for the hardware
  • Bought an antique end table
  • Both antique pieces need to be sanded and painted antique white to match her crib
  • We will be painting her nursery hopefully soon
  • Putting her crib together and begin getting the nursery together
  • Our birthing and breast feeding classes are coming up
  • Jason and I are hoping to go on a 2-3 day get away next Sunday-Tuesday as a mini baby moon

Those are a few of the thoughts I am having! I can't wait to be able to take pictures of the completed nursery which will be a while from now, but I will post pics! IT WILL BE ADORABLY PRECIOUS!

I have some very dear and loving friends and family members who are willing and planning on being right along side of me to help get it all knocked out! Talan Cobb is going to help me paint/sand the chest. Amanda, Kellen, and Haylee have all volunteered to paint the nursery. Mom and dad left Abilene today with the drawers to the chest and the end table to sand, paint, and fix the hardware! I am truly blessed and SO grateful!

Anyhow, Ava is now head down! It is so fun knowing that and her positioning because I can be so much surer of what body part I am feeling as she moves around! My belly is definitely growing and I am beginning to feel like I don't have much room left. In saying that, I am completely aware that I have no idea what the next eight weeks hold!
We continue to covet your prayers as we are nearing the end! Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy, uncomplicated and swift delivery, and sweet Ava's health and development!



We headed to Temple Wednesday night for a short trip to be with Jason's side of the family for thanksgiving! It was so fun to see everyone and catch up for the brief time we had. An additional blessing I wasn't counting on was that my parents were headed to Seymour for Thanksgiving with dad's family and I was able to spend the afternoon with them Wednesday until we left. Then they got back to our house last night late and we had all day together today until about 4! It was so fun to hang out and do LOTS OF BABY SHOPPING for the furniture and randomness!!


Below are pics from Thanksgiving with J's family and belly pics for 31ish weeks:) Enjoy!

Jason and I hanging around after Thanksgiving Meal!

Cousin Launa, Myself, and her youngest Alex!

The lighting is kinda off in this one-- but above are my two best attempts for 31 week belly pics at this point:)

Jason and I at end of the night right before we left Janice's:)

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Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

I'm LOVIN that belly!!! Can't wait to meet precious Ava! Enjoy these next 8 weeks...sleep a lot and go on some dates! :-) Love y'all.