Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Family Time:) (and news towards end)!!

So, lately Ava and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with family members who needed to meet her, love on her, and bond a little with her! 

On Thursday the 25th my Aunt Vicki, Bethany, Kayla, and my mom all came to Abilene.  We got to spend some great time together without a big event.  It seems we only see eachother for Holidays for weddings, etc... This time however we sat around and had so much time just to talk and share life!  It was wonderful, although, we missed Jamie lots! 

Then on Saturday Ava and I headed back to Houston to spend the week there!  It was wonderful to have Ava at YaYa and Papa Bear's house and have lots of family and friends visiting to love on Ava!!

My days consisted of these exciting events...
- All the family kids at my Aunt Cheryls- how crazy but so much FUN!
- Spending several hours one afternoon with three lifelong friends MB, Ambre, and Martha --- very special and dear time for me
- High School friends Courtney and Kristin coming over
- Going out to lunch with a big group of women from church after their pilates class
- Ron, Penny, and Brenda coming over for dessert and coffee- but really for AVA.
- Spending Jamie's Bday with her family on Saturday at their house which mean I also got to spend some good time with Brittnie, another lifelong and dear friend of mine
- Quality time with my Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!
- An afternoon with Jason's side of the family Sunday so they could meet Ava

That is not an exhaustive list but as you can tell we kept busy!  Ava was a trooper but at the week wore on she began not acting like herself.  I took her to doc yesterday and there was some fluid on her ears.  Are you kidding me?  So young, but we got some prescriptions and so far today she is acting much more like herself.  We will see! 

Anyhow, I don't have many pics to post because I took all the pics in Houston on my mom's camera.  I did that because her camera is so much better than mine and easier to catch the moment.  However, now I don't have them yet in order to make a post. 

I will try to come back one day and post pics of all the fun visitors and family time from this past week.

Well that is enough rambling about that!

Last peice of information/news...

I turned in my letter of resignation at work on Friday the 26th.  I am now going to be a stay at home mamma for the time being.  I am very excited about this! 

However, there has also been alot of emotion, sadness, and heartbreak to let go of a job I have so dearly loved. ACU volleyball has been a HUGE part of my life for the last 9.5 years!  I have loved coaching and ministering to these girls!! It has been such a blessing to have had the honor of being the assistant coach.  I decided to step away because God strongly convicted me beyond a shadow of a doubt that for this season on my life He was commanding me to. Let me tell you, I am so thankful that God is a compassionate God and provides us with a peace that surpasses our own emotions understanding.  There has been affirmation right and left that this is what God desired.  Maybe one day I will post the entire story so you all can see His goodness and His faithfulness when we step out and obey.

For now though, continue to keep the team, Kellen (my boss, dear friend, and head coach), and myself in your prayers as this transition is taking place. We all are handling this the best we can but we all are also dealing with all kinds of emotions. 

On the flip side, YAY for all the time I will get to have with Ava I would have lost!!!  I am so ready to nurture and take care of her and Jason:)  Life is good.  I am blessed!


Chuck and Ambre said...

I am so glad I got to see you. I LOVE how I can share anything with you three girls even if its been months since we have seen each other. Love you!

Ashley said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you Linds! You are going to love being able to stay home with your sweet girl. I am also SO thankful that the Lord has allowed me to do this wonderful job!

Roxanne said...

i SO wish i could have been in the shoog to see you and babygirl!!! glad it was such a super awesome trip :) my mom couldnt stop talking about how cute ava was after she saw her!

and about your job sitch...i'll def be praying for everyone!! im sure that you'll be missing your vball fam a LOT...good thing you have a little ANGEL at home to keep your heart full :) glad God gave you such peace about your decision!!!

love you and the rest of your fam :) give ava a big squeeze for me and tell her that her friend roxanne canNOT wait to meet her!

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