Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Pics of Ava, Family, and First Outing

Dad, Jamie, and Josiah came to join YaYa, Jason, Ava, and I this weekend!  We have had so much fun! 
Josiah at first was not sure what to think of his little cousin, especially when she cried, but he is slowly warming up.  He will just run to where she is and then proceed with caution, wide-eyed and taking it all in:)  Occasionally he even starts watching and then slowly backs up but never taking his eyes off of her!

Anyhow, we have had fun with the cousin meeting, the family being here (MISS YOU UNCLE JAY- see you tomorrow), and hanging out:)

Today we decided  Ava needed her first outing and YaYa and I needed some daylight and time out of the house!  So to those of you who know my family and our favorite dive in Abilene, we headed to Mary's Mexican for lunch!  Ava was an angel once again!  She slept the whole time, she loves her carseat. 

Anyhow, that is all I have for now, enjoy looking at this sweet angel girl:)

Playing around with bows, most still too big

Look at that munchkin-smiling and cheeky!
Handmade hat by a good friend Talan

Cousins meeting, the way he is looking at her is priceless!  How fun, my sister and I and our children, so cool!
Big yawn

Hat made by same friend, so sweet!
Our family right before we left for our outing, love being the three, can't imagine it any other way!
Papa Bear and Yaya with their two grandbabies!  They are in HEAVEN!
Loving my sweet girl!
Eating some Mexican Food:)
Perfection once again!
Love this gown!  She is PRECIOUS and perfect in His sight and all of ours:)


Anonymous said...

There is no possible way she could be any more precious!! I love her and can't wait to get my hands on her. Love, Aunt Vicki

Lenzee said...

Lindsey, I love this blog! Thank you for sharing the address with me! Everyone in your pictures is GLOWING! It looks like Miss Ava's grandparents are the proudest on the planet! Take care and have a great week!

Jamie said...

i didn't even know you posted this while we were there! the pics are so cute! can't wait till mom gets all of them on shutterfly so i can steal some! i am in love with my precious niece...she is such a perfect angel baby and i love and miss you already!