Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a cool daddy!

So I am sure I will post another picture post soon, but this is on my mind and needs to be shared:)

Ava has the coolest dad! 

Jason is so involved as a dad!  It is wonderful!  He is literally in Heaven 24/7 when he is with her, can't stop asking how she is doing during the day, and can't wait to get home to both of his girls everyday!  He grows to love and adore her more each day and he is so super patient with her in her really fussy/ inconsolable times (which is wonderful for me).

He is such a servant to both of us.  He changes, bathes, and puts her down for naps or night time literally anytime he is home.  They play and have fun!  She does so good with him! 

As for me, all of the ways he serves Ava are ways he is serving me but here is more.  He cooks me breakfast when we are up in the mornings and he is getting ready for work.  He gets up with Ava in the middle of the night if she is extra upset so I can sleep.  He stays up for the late feeding at night so I can get to bed.  He also gets up early for work in mornings to take care of her so I can either sleep or go workout!  There are more but those are a few examples. 

I know many of these things might seem simple, but he is constantly looking for ways to serve us both and take care of us!  I don't have to ask. 

It is so FUN AND WONDERFUL having him as a hubby and daddy! 

Thank You Lord for blessing us with a man who loves his family so much and serves us both!  Thank You for growing our marriage and relationship through the birth of this precious little girl!  We love you Lord!

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