Saturday, March 13, 2010

An answer to Ava's pain....

So, it is for sure that Ava either has a milk protein allergy or a milk sensitivity!  If interested in more information on the two conditions visit this link- milk allergy and sensitivity.  I had gone to the doctor on Monday upon returning from Houston to have her checked to see what was going on.  The doc said she had fluid on her ears so it was probably the ear pain.  He prescribed medicine that we are on and said if she did not get better to call back and we would look further.

She didn't get better so we looked into other possibilities.  I had to see a doctor other than mine when I went back in and she did a stool test on Ava that she said meant she has a milk protein allergy.  However, all the research I have found on internet claims the stool test only detects milk sensitivity or lactose intolerance not protein allergy.  I go back in next week and will get more clear answers from Ava's doc.  Regardless, it doesn't change the foods I will eliminate from my diet.  At this point I have to eliminate any and all foods with dairy, whey, milk protein, casein, or soy. 

At first I was a little overwhelmed; however the internet is a great resource!  There are so many moms who have had to do this or vegan types that there are a ton of products out there that are dairy and soy free. 

I have found chocolate, ice cream, butter, cheese (what?), and tons of recipes from lasagnas to cookies! So all in all I am going to be fine!  I love how instead of seeing this unfortunate circumstance as a tool towards weight management I am ferociously scowering the internet to find all the treats I can have!!  haha!:)  Oh well.

Anyhow, with the dairy out of my diet for almost 72 hours now, I am starting to see bits and peices of Ava's original temprament back.  Continue to pray for her to feel better and the dairy to quickly leave my system! 


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