Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ava Girl and Breakthrough:)

It has been awhile since I have updaed with pics, so I am going to put a whole jumbled up group of pics for your enjoyment:)!!  They range from Feb. 26th-yesterday. 

As for Ava, she is almost completely back to her original temperament from when we first got home from hospital through 2-3weeks.  The dairy and soy out of my diet has made all the difference!  Praise God!

She is now...
-smiling alot and has several different smiles
  -one is an open mouth, kinda circle smile where she really smiles with her eyes
  - one she smiles so big with her lips spreading wide that she has that adorable toothless grin
  - the third one is a full face smile- big grin, eyes, cheeks--  it all engages! 
-talking and cooing to her toys and people
-starting to grasp a small bunny toy from YaYa
- "accidentally" batting at toys in activity gym
- rolling to her side quickly and alot on her back-- it won't be long
- lifting her head up and looking around for brief seconds on tummy time!

We are having fun and I feel like I have possibly heard a few almost giggles lately.  We will see.

The breakthrough beyond the dairy is this...all day yesterday for naps and all night last night Miss Ava transitioned to her crib like a champ.  She was getting to big for her bassinet and I just felt it was time to start trying to transition her.  Sure enough, I guess it was because she is sleeping in there well and putting her self to sleep.  She even wakes up a lot while she is in there for naps and just looks around, plays a little, and then soothes herself back to sleep!  Pretty cool! 

At two month check up which was about five days early, Ava, was 10 lbs 15 oz and 22.5 inches long!  Her cheeks and thighs are both really meaty but the rest of her is pretty small. 

Anyhow, that is all for now! I am just going to post pics in chronological order. 

Such a neat pic, i love it.

4 generations-  Ava's Great Grandma on Jason's side

Ava's Great Granda on my side

The rotate didn't take, who knows

Sleeping beauty

loved the full view also

Ava and I at baseball game

talking and smiling at dad

playing with mom

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. She is getting so big and so beautiful. I want to love on her some more!!!
Aunt Vicki

Jamie said...

i just want to eat her up... please come soon so i can snuggle with my precious niece! um...loving all her bows...the all pink jumpsuit and the lady bug outfit...oh my, please God give me a girl someday! love you!

Roxanne said...

oh my goodness she is getting so pretty!! :)

yay for getting all the diet stuff figured out!!