Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Thoughts...

  • I love my family of three
  • I love the rest of my family and CAN'T WAIT too see them next week in H-town!
  • The weather has been so great here in Abilene now for Avaton and I to go on walks and runs around campus!  
  • Jason, Ava, and I got to spend some great QT together yesterday afternoon, which was wonderful-- doesn't happen enough- I don't think there is ever enough of that though.
  • Ava is doing better the past week, she is such a doll!
  • I love that even in long periods of waiting on the Lord we can wait with eager expectation knowing He always is FAITHFUL! 
  • I have found a delicious coconut milk ice cream-- it helps satisfy my cravings from all the things I can't have:).
  • I hear our camping crew had a great trip this year!  We were sorry we missed out, but so GLAD they had a blast!
  • I got to go on a walk this morning around campus with Ava and Mary Beth and Ben Davis:).  So good to see you MB, love ya!
  • 46 DAYS UNTIL OUR SUMMER VACATION IN GALVESTON WITH Yaya, Papa Bear, Jamie, Jay, and Josiah!  Yipee:)
Now more pics of baby girl...

Easter Morning! She started to sneeze just as camera was about to flash:)

Play time on floor
Easter morning- sleeping and snuggling with bunny

Same deal, different angle:)
Last one-- haha!
Hanging out with mom after eating:) Love the belly wrinkles.

Floor time with daddy, I was trying to roll over!

Angel face

Pretty Ava (about to go see Ben for our walk;)-- practicing my flirty face!)

The End!


Ashley said...

She is so so cute!
I need to get the name of the ice cream from you. I love any "milky" think that isn't milk. This no dairy since thanksgiving thing is seeming more "normal" but still hard!

Jamie said...

um...she is so beautiful! and that picture of her just in her diaper looks JUST like you, it's crazy!

Lynn said...

I agree with Jamie and I think the first one of her asleep in the carseat looks like you too, Lindsey. Sooooo precious!

Roxanne said...

cutiiieeeeeee :)

so happy life is good for you guys! missed you this wknd!

okay everyone talks about how ava is a jason clone- but i think i see some linz in there for sure!!

Roxanne said...

oh btw- that 2nd pic of you three...the fam portrait... SUCH a good pic!!! :) we dont really have ANY good pics of the three of us from when ave was a baby. you will be in love with this one forev :)