Thursday, April 1, 2010


Juicy Coture onsie and Mary Jane socks that were given to us:) haha!
Headed to my friend Darius's wedding, what a cute dress she has on- Thanks YaYa!
Jason taking care of meltdown moment before ceremony (which ended up lasting through the entire ceremony)- they sat in the truck:(
Calmed down by reception and we enjoyed about 1.5 hours before we had to head out
Flirting with the camera
Ava and I up at school watching one of the team's practices

So...Ava is smiling all the time now!  My camera is just to gosh darn slow to capture the moment ever and my blackberry takes horrible pictures.  Hopefully one day soon I will catch one!  Everyone needs to see because it is so darn adorable, it just makes me laugh.  I will try to upload a video soon where all can hear her talk and see her smile! 

Have a BLESSED Easter weekend!  Thank You Lord for raising our Savior!


Ashley said...

She is so cute Linds!
Yes...I agree! We DO need to find some time to see each other soon! I was there this past weekend, but Wendi had already told me you guys were out of town. :(
I think we may be there again at the end of April. I will let you know for sure, and hopefully we can catch each other!

Lynn said...

Oh Lindsey, She's getting so much bigger. I love the one where she is got that flirty look! Your mom says she hears her coo and talk on the phone. How sweet!