Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of happenings....

There has been so much happening since I last blogged that I don't know where to begin.  I suppose sharing all thoughts and events in chronological order would be the easiest so I will attempt to fill you all in that way!

Well my parents came to visit three weekends ago for baby dedication.  Mom and Dad got here Friday and we all just hung out and had a good old time!  Ava loved having YaYa and Pappa around:)  On Saturday night, mom and dad kept Ava so Jason and I could go out on a date-- yippee!  Jason and I had an incredible evening together!  It was much needed-- date nights are so important once children are involved!  We felt like we were in college or engaged again or something- very refreshing!

Then on Sunday we all went to baby dedication at church which was special!  It was nice to have some family here with us to go up to the front and pray with and over us and Ava.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Then after lunch to Houston we headed, we meaning all of us but Jason of course:(!  In Houston Ava and I had so much quality family and friend time!!  Mainly family with a few dear friends that I consider family anyways!  Instead of trying to describe all of the special time with a ton of words, I will let the pictures do the talking!

Sills gang get together!

However, it is necessary to tell one story to you all about the "fousin" time that Josiah and Ava had when we were staying out there with them!  Before the story though- everytime JO is around Ava he warms up more and more, this time, I think he is finally ok with her being around:)

So... we took Ava's activity gym to their house and Ava plays in it alot!  Josiah kept getting down in her activity gym with her, playing with her, watching her, etc...  Then one time Ava begin getting a little fussy because it was time to go down for a nap.  So I picked her up, when down the hall to the guest bedroom where we were staying but then decided the nursery would be better to rock her.  In the meantime, my mom and Jamie witnessed the following.... Josiah picked up the activity gym by the top (not a little thing) and started sprinting down the hall and into the guest bedroom where Ava and I were staying.  He was looking around trying to find us, because he wanted to give Ava her toy!  He thought her toy would make her feel better.  Absolutely precious!  I mean seriously what a sweet heart that shows he has.  I loved it! He did similar things the whole time we were staying there!

On the flip side Ava watched and studied him whenever he was around!  His activity must of worn her out though because she was napping like a champ those two days:)!  It was such a SPECIAL TIME for the fousins and Jamie and I!  Thank you sipper for housing us and letting us crash, it was wonderful!

Ava admiring Aunt Jamie

And dear friends/family....

Then on Sunday, Ava and I headed back home.  We stopped in Temple to meet up with Jason!  After we stopped and I fed her, we laid her down to play for a bit and when she saw Jason-- she recognized him and lit up with smiles!  

We then went to see Janice's (GJ's) new house!  She got a promotion and moved about 30 miles away from Temple, Praise God for her opportunity through this promotion!

Since we have been home this week, Ava has kinda had a rough time which caused me to have a rough time! I had my first few days of feeling lonely and needing to get out of the house more, find some adult interaction, and make sure that I am taking some time for myself everyday!  Today though was a better day for Ava and myself.  I went and watched the team play in town which was a little weird but wonderful to see them.  Ava did great and has had a good day today!  I feel like I have my little girl back-- she must have been a little sick with a bug we think she might have caught!

Anyhow,  today God spoke to me over and over about all the blessings in my life and I was just moved to tears!  I am so THANKFUL for so many things, but today I am extremely grateful for my parents and the way they raised Jamie and I.  The love they showed us and the community of people through First Colony they surrounded us with who loved on us as well is a blessing beyond measure!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  

Finally, Ava turned 3 months yesterday-- it is nuts! Here is a bullet list of some of  what she is up to...

  • holds her head pretty much on her own
  • turns and looks at any sound, voice, etc...
  • finds Jason and I no matter how far away we are in the house if we are in her line of vision
  • smiling and talking alot
  • holding onto her toys and rattles
  • beginning stages of batting at toys
  • likes to sit up with some help of course and take everything in
  • loves bath time (but beginning to hate lotion time)
  • sleeping at night with first stretch of actual sleep averaging 7-8 hours
  • starting to try to giggle or laugh
  • rolling to her side during play time and when sleeping 
  • rolled from tummy to back on tummy time the other day but was supported under chest with receiving blanket
  • getting chunkier
  • finally likes her bouncer and swing... hooray!!  

She is just getting so much more personality which is hard to describe through words!  The interaction and conversations we have are so much fun!  She melts my heart regularly and it is hard to believe that everyday Jason and I love her more and more when we thought we already loved her more than ever possible!  Being a parent is such a hard thing but SUCH A COOL THING as well!


If you are still reading this- bless you! 
 The End!


Roxanne said...

Haven't read ONE WORD of your blog post yet...but just had to tell you that you look absolutely completely gorgeous in your new header pic!!! your hair color is amazing just look seriously..SO pretty :) and happy. that doesn't hurt ha.

Anonymous said...

well it stinks we missed you guys when you were in our area! Ava is growing so much! I love it when you post new blogs! I LOVE the picture of Ava with her green bow! Very cute! She is precious in each picture! Im glad you are able to get that "me" time in! I cant remember where I put my "me" time I think it skipped town! If you see it send it back my way! haha! well we miss ya! give the baby some love from the Richardsons!


Melanie said...

Lindsay, little Ava is just beautiful, and so are you!! Hopefully we'll get to see you both next time around.