Monday, May 19, 2008

Excitement All Around!!

Well where do I begin....

Basically there is lot of fun and blessed news in the people's lives we love....

1. As we know Jamie and Jay are having a boy, that is a constant excitement and joy. I am going home in a few weeks to visit fam and see my prego sister!!!!

2. My cousin, Bethany, got engaged this weekend! We are all so excited for her and the Cod-man. Jason and I love Cody, her fiance, and can not wait for their big day. This summer the house of the Campbells + Betho will be busy with talk of wedding plans!! I can not wait to see you Beth, give you a hug, and take a look at that BEAUTIFUL ring (so I have heard). You will be a stunning bride.

3. Kellen and Paul, Jason and I's dear friends from college, as well as my current co-worker/boss, are PREGO!! They just found out today that they are five weeks pregnant. How exciting. The Lord is good. Another person we love has been blessed with the sweet miracle of a child!

4. Haylee and Shay, another couple friend of Jason and I's found out that they are PREGO as well, for the third time. She currently has two little ones under the age of two. Lift up prayers for sweet Haylee and there now family of five! I love and miss you girl!

That is it for now on Baby Mania:)!
We had a blast. It was a much needed and fun weekend. We went shopping, got manicures and pedicures, and went to dinner and a comedy club. That was my first experience in a comedy club and it was improvisational comedy. FUNNY! I will try to post some pics. Thanks for a good time roomies.

Gotta run...

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Melissa said...

HEY! glad i found your blog, hope you're doing well!