Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!  Jason and I had an excellent time at home with my family.  This year Jason got to stay the longest ever down in Houston for Christmas and we really enjoyed the relaxing time with family:)

We saw extended family on Christmas Eve and a little on Christmas evening.  The rest of the time we hung out at my parents house and mainly watched Josiah play with all his new toys!  He is so big and at such a fun age:)  He loves Pappa Bear playing the guitar and always asks for him to play by finding it's hiding place and trying to pull it out!  Once night he found it and we had a dance party!  It was adorable!  He is such A HAPPY B0Y!! Anyhow, once he would go down for bed we played games and ate Christmas goodies!

I am going to post pictures below and let them do the talking! However, alot of the really good pics are on my mom's camera!  Jason and I took alot of video footage of the weekend with our new video camera, our Christmas gift to one another:)  I can't wait to watch it. 

So of course none of us are looking at the same camera!  The guys thought they were funny, but a pic of the women of the family on Christmas Eve minus Jen and Shelley!

Mom, Jamie, and I in our Christmas pj's:)!

Jason and I on Christmas Morning!

Josiah and Papa Bear after Papa opened his Christmas gift from Jo-man!

Josiah playing with his golf clubs with Dad:)

Jason and I on Christmas night-- we had to get one couple pic that day with me prego for Ava's sake!

Mom and Dad on Christmas Day- great pic!! 

Thanks Mom and Dad for making Christmas so special once again!  It was a perfect weekend! 

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