Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final Shower-- Temple!

This past Sunday, my mother-in-law threw Jason and I a baby shower for Miss Ava.  It was PRECIOUS!  She was so excited to do it and planned forever all the details.  She made homeade party favors, all the food herself (it was delicious), had Ava Reese Campbell pencils made, and more!  We played several cute baby games, laughed, opened gifts, and HAD A GREAT TIME! 

Jason and I received a loot of clothes, blankets, diapers, and bath products.  Everyone blessed us trememdously, it was great fun!  I also finally got my diaper bag (thanks Mom), it is adorable:)  Yippee! 

Alot of Jason's family lives in Temple, so it was mainly family and then a few friends of the family!  Also, Mom came into town!  It was great.

I don't have any pics of people from the shower, Aunt Charli took pics, so if I get some I will post those; however, I  have several pics of decorations to show! 

Diaper Cake made by cousin Launa, ADORABLE!

Guest Sign in Table

Precious Flower Vase and Pic of Jason and Janice the day after he was born

Table arranged for certain games with baby pics of Jason

Delicous strawberry cupcakes with homeade cream cheese icing, YUM!

Jason and Janice being silly driking lemonade out of baby bottles before Jason took off to play golf with my dad while us girls played baby:)!

Thank you Janice for all the effort and love you poured out in order to throw this shower for Jason and I!  We are so blessed by you.  We love you very much! 

Also, thank all the other family members who supported and helped Janice pull it all together:)


Jamie said...

SO ADORABLE! Janice did a great job!!! Everything looked precious and it sounds like it was so fun...every detail with thought put into it!

The Richardsons said...

man that diaper cake looks AWESOME lol! cant believe the next time I see you you'll have a baby in your arms!!!!! CRAZY! keep me posted & ya better send pics txt & what not of all the info! cant wait to pass the word! yay!