Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ava update....

So, I have not updated in awhile as far as how close it is getting for Miss Ava to be here.  My due date at this point has not been changed and is still looking like January 26th.  However, when I went in two weeks ago on Tuesday I was 1 centimeter dilated and 50% effaced at 5 weeks out.  I go in again on Tuesday and we will see if things are the same or have progressed even more.  If my due date were to change then it is getting very near to the time for us to meet our sweet little girl, if not, we are still only talking three weeks!  It is upon us.  We are so excited!!  However, I must admit there is still much of the time it seems surreal.  I feel like it probably will until we are holding her in our arms or heading home from the hospital. 

I feel like I dropped yesterday on New Year's Day.  I have carried pretty low all along, but to me it seems like I dropped even more.  Who knows though right?  I feel like so many things are hard to tell eventhough the books and doctors say you will know if it happens.  I haven't decided if I buy that yet:) lol!  Like Braxton Hicks contractions for example... I mean I now feel like I might have had like a total of three or so where my entire belly tightens up, but there are times when Ava is pushing on every inch of available space with different body parts and it seems pretty close to the same thing to me! 

Pregnancy, it is such an interestesting, exciting, and incredible process!  I have throroughly enjoyed being pregnant.  I have been blessed with an umcomplicated pregnancy and have felt great the whole time!  I am beginning to be a little more uncomfortable and a little more tired but that I can handle. 

Please be praying over Ava and I both in the upcoming weeks for an uncomplicated and healthy delivery for us both.  Also, for Jason and I as we embark on the journey of parenthood and are entrusted with this sweet baby girl to nurture, love, and raise here on earth!! 

Maybe more updates to come Tuesday and maybe not!  I will keep you posted! 

Signed an ANXIOUS Mamma:)!

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