Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautiful Ava Reese

Ava Reese
8 lbs 14 oz
21 1/2 inches

She is an absolutely perfect little chunk!

Everyone made it here in time to welcome Ava into the world!

Mom was a trooper during labor and is doing great!
 Ava is nursing well, sleeping a lot and stealing all of our hearts!

written by proud Aunt Jamie


Chuck and Ambre said...

Welcome beautiful Ava. I love the pictures! I have been dying to see her since I heard she was here. She is perfect and we are so happy for all of you. Love you guys!

Wendi said...

Congrats! She is beautiful. Glad things went smoothly.. my mom was updating me all evening when she heard info. :) Can't wait to meet her. Love you!

Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

Welcome to the world, precious Ava! You are the cutest!!! So glad she's here and healthy. You're a champ Linds...almost 9! Love you lots- enjoy that sweet baby! :-)

Roxanne said...

yayyyy!!!!!!!! so happy for you. congratulations. such a sweet little chunk of squishiness :) you look beauuuutiful linz and proud :) love you guys and cant wait to meet her!!

The Richardsons said...

Happy Birthday baby Ava! Congratulations Jason & Lindsey!

Lynn said...

She's perfect in sweet. We've been waiting to see her! Love to you all.

Gina said...

She already has a double chin! Love it!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations, you guys!!

Ashley said...

YEAH!!!! Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Aja said...

Congrats--she is beautiful!!

Aja and Landon