Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Angel is a Happy Baby:)

This pic is to show off the canvas hanging over the crib!  A sweet friends mom painted it for Miss Ava!

Look at the precious scripture she placed on it-- what a treasure!

Love this little smile!

Could anything be more precious?

Ava loves to stretch!!

Check out the cheeks and chin on this little smooshface!

Another smile from Miss Ava, she loves to roll to her side!

Flirting with Daddy!

First sponge bath, check out the thigh

Angel girl loved her pamper time, so relaxed

More stretching, sweet outfit, content after pampering

Total BLISS, twho hours ago!

This sweet girl is doing so wonderful!  She is eating then playing then sleeping, she has got it down, so far anyways!

To all the readers who find me being obsessive with the posting pics of our little girl, you must know that mine and Jason's families live far away!  They are begging to see pics and get updates!  For awhile you can expect this blog to be all about Ava and loaded with pictures! 

Blessings to all!


Jamie said...

i can't believe she is smiling so much already and that she is holding it long enough to catch it on camera! she is so cute i can't stand it! i can't wait to get back to her....24 hrs!!!! and seriously...what else is your blog going to be about? it should be all about Ava!

Roxanne said... JUST had a SUPPOSED to be 100% obsessed :)

So happy to hear that everything is pure bliss over there! Crazy that God creates such sweet little angels INSIDE OUR BELLIES and then BOOM. They're here and life is soooooo much better than you ever thought it would be :)

Love you!

Bethany Freede said...

I RUSHED home when I got your text about a new post this afternoon! I'll be there for Sing Song soon and CANNOT wait to see that child!

Kayla said...

Keep em coming!! I love it! She is the cutest little thing in the world. Thanks so much for all the are like the world's best new mommy blogger!!! Love you & see you soon!

Life as a Spencer! said...

Keep posting pics...she is beautiful! I LOVE chunky babies...I weighed 9.9. so big babies have a place in my heart...haha!

The Richardsons said...

I love that she is such a happy baby! She has the best smile ever! & you better keep up with the posting of pictures! Its the highlight of my day lol! love yall!

Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

She is so stinkin precious...I can't handle it! Love all the pics!!!

Chuck and Ambre said...

Your blog should totally be Ava obsessive. I LOVE the pictures. She is SO cute Lindsey and you and Jason are such sweet parents.

Lynn said...

I am totally loving all the pictures, so excited to see new ones! Those legs - Love all that pudge...the more to love on.