Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Perfect Baby Girl

I don't really know where to begin to describe the feelings, emotions, and perfect bliss Jason and I feel about our precious angel girl!  She is absolutely perfect in every way.  It is the greatest blessing to finally begin to comprehend the amount of love and adoration you can have for a child. 

Yesterday once we got home from the hospital until now has been absolutely so relaxing!  I have been so content.  All is right in the world:)  Several times since then, I have been sitting around loving and cuddling on my little princess and just been so overwhelmed with emotion and tears of love, coupled with an immense JOYand a level of thankfulness to the Father above for allowing Jason and I this precious opportunity to nurture His child!  The sweetest gift!

Ava has been doing so well up to this point.  She is eating well, sleeping very well, and very content to be sleeping on her own!  She loves to stay awake and explore the world and her surroundings with her sweet little eyes after her feedings before she begins to soothe herself to sleep! 

Fun little fact about this sweet girl-- she is a LITTLE PIGLET.  She has the highest pitch little piglet squeal/ cry!  The sweetest thing you have ever heard-- maybe one day we can post an audio clip for you!

Well, we have had many special friends and family visit Miss Ava so far!  We are so thankful we are surrounded by so much love.  It is incredible to watch other people who love you, love on your baby!  Thanks everyone:)

Now, the part you all really have been waiting for...... new pics of Ava Reese Campbell!

Miss Ava with her GJ -  Jason's mom

Cuddling with sweet Aunt Jamie

Kayla drove down from Lubbock to meet Miss Ava-- precious!

Sleeping with Papa Bear

Ava Reese Campbell's going home outfit

Jason and I changing her to leave hospital and head home

All dressed for her big outing:)

Cute little ruffles on her backend, love it!

Family pics of us leaving room at hospital and then arriving at home!
She loved her carseat so much that when we got home she slept in it for an hour and forty five minutes before we took her out! 

She loved home, look how peaceful!

Hanging out with mommy in her nursery!  She loves it:)

Miss Ava sleeping on YaYa

Last night in her pack n' play

Smoosh face on daddy this morning

YaYa brushing Ava's hair

Checking out this new world and all her surroundings

Thank You all so much for all the many prayers for a healthy baby and delivery for myself!  I now ask that you continue to lift up this sweet chunky angel over the next several weeks of crucial nourishment and adjustment!  Pray for my milk supply to come in quickly over the next day! 


Jamie said...

oh my goodness i miss her! she is so very beautiful!!! her skin has definitely gotten more pigment since i left and it's sooo pretty! i love all the pics and will be looking at them over and over! keep posting this week! love you linds...you are doing so awesome!

Lynn said...

Love the pictures! Keep 'em coming! She is sooooooo adorable! So thankful she's doing so well.

Roxanne said...

happiness :)

The Richardsons said...

Lindsey! she is so BEAUTIFUL! You look gorgeous as well! I am going to have to come visit soon! shes beautiful!

Bethany Freede said...

Oh how I love this little doll! I can't wait to be there to hold her and kiss those chunky cheeks!!

I love you so much, you look like such a natural mama!

Ashley said...

Oh she is just so beautiful Linds! I am so happy for you guys!

Kayla said...

I miss her!! I have looked at this post like 5 times! :)