Thursday, January 21, 2010

Impatience Setting in...

Well this morning I am signing in to share with you all that the patience of waiting to meet this sweet little girl is coming to an end!  We are READY to meet her! 

I can't wait to be holding her in my arms instead of have her in my belly, although that has been wonderful! 

We have many family praying and hoping she will come sometime between now and this weekend as well as several friends who have just bet on tomorrow!  We will see:)

We just keep praying for God's perfect timing for our little girl and that all family who will head this way once they get the news will be able to make it here in time! 

If she hasn't come by her due date next Tuesday then we will probably be inducing next Thursday. 

I hope everyone is having a blessed week!


Roxanne said...


seriously. i will be praying for her swift and healthy delivery to happen SOOOOON!!!

love you guys a lot and cant wait to see that beautiful angel child!!!! yayyyy

The Richardsons said...

joining the prayer chain for a fast healthy delivery! love you all! rub that belly & hand her the eviction notice lol!

Lynn said...

Best wishes....We can't wait to see pictures of baby Ava!
Her room is so sweet. Love you.